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Insurance of your goods
The speed of the delivery
Personal briefing of the driver who will be delivering.
Optimal prices
Warehouse services
Sea Freight
15 years worth of experience
Project transportation
Insurance of your goods
Freight of
food goods
Transportation of food requires a specific procedure since these goods are highly dependent on the surrounding conditions. Therefore, when transporting food goods we follow specific temperature guidelines
Highly professional work of logisticians and drivers enables us to guarantee the delivery of your goods right on time. When trusting us with your delivery, you can completely rely on our team.
Transportation of dangerous products
Our security standards are the highest in the field. We are using the transport with the best level of protection to provide safe transportation of your products.
Car transporter services
This type of transportation will suit both: the clients who own a single car and those clients who represent auto-companies and other businesses.
Cargos of
high value
Transportation of high valued cargos with "AG Transport-Logistics" Company is a guarantee of fast and safe delivery of the goods, with the protection of client's interests.
Transportation of auto parts
Being number one in the field of freight forwarding services, we will provide the best advice on how to transport your goods safely and fast, at the same time, considering the details of the driving route and following the rules of export-import operations.
The reliability and timeliness of services for the storage of goods and goods in the warehouse is one of the key factors in reducing costs and ensuring an efficient supply chain.
Delivery of pharmaceutical products
When transporting pharmaceutical goods it is important to consider multiple rules that are applicable to these types of products. Pharmaceutical products should be transported with a great amount of attention and delicacy.
We will offer the most suitable means of sea transport, provide the most optimal route, and think about saving your spendings on the procedure. We guarantee that the delivery will reach the final destination on time.
We will organize railroad transportation under the best circumstances for our clients. This is one of the most popular ways of transportation due to the price and efficiency.
We have chosen the best partners for the transportation of your products by air cargo. These partners can provide the delivery of goods to any destination of your choice. With our company, you will be able to precisely plan your transportation.
It is a series of steps that are carried out by the Foreign Economic Activity (FEA) employees in order to get the products across different borders.

The container transporting
Both FCL and LCL shipping are part of our business. Experienced staff will offer not only service, but also logistics solutions for your business.
Transportation by VAN's
Transportation by small transport is an excellent solution for your business. Not all transports require a large trailer, which is why we present you with VAN EXPRESS for the transport market.

E-commerce logistics is mainly about order fulfillment. Our company can offer the best way, the best way to fulfill orders and deliver goods.
Transportation of liquid and bulk cargo
We are engaged in the transportation of liquid and bulk cargo with ATP certificate, which gives the right to transport perishable food products by land international transport.
Waste and oversized transport
The solution for many industries and processing plants, waste, scrap, agricultural products or any palletized cargo.
Freight of food goods
Transportation of food goods requires specific conditions which we can offer. We provide transportation where we can control temperature conditions throughout the entire process of delivery.
Fast Freights
We have gained our place in the field by providing services of fast delivery, which our clients remained satisfied with throughout the years. Our company owns the means of transportation, therefore, we can deliver any personal orders from any place in Europe.
Transportation of dangerous products
We are capable of transporting any type of dangerous products. The transportation can be done in covered semi-trailers or trailers with coolers. The exception of the products that won't be transported is dangerous products of Class 1 (Explosive Materials) and Class 7 (Radioactive Materials)
Car transporter services
Due to the availability of transportation services in our company, we can transport cars of different types. The goal of every and member in our company is safe and fast delivery of the good. We as well can be trusted as a partner when talking about car transporter delivery
Cargos of high value
When transporting valuable products (perfume; tobacco products; electrical devices; and technological products) the risk of those products being stolen significantly increases. For this reason, when transporting such goods, the extra safety rules and procedures are put in place.
Transportation of auto parts
Stable supply chain in the automobile industry is the most important rule for a successful business. We guarantee that our clients can count on stable and continuous delivery.
Warehouse services
We provide our clients with the best solutions and conditions for warehouse services and storage of goods.
Delivery of pharmaceutical products
Our company will provide transportation of the best quality, which will be suitable for the type of pharmaceutical product. We understand well how fragile pharmaceutical products are, and we guarantee the best transportation along the line of GPD standards.
Custom Clearance
Our company offers Custom Clearance services and the best prices for our clients. For faster and easier transportation of your goods.
Sea Freight
We are constantly providing foreign trade and coastal transportation of goods by sea. We have established business connections with over 100 harbors around the world.
Railroad Freight
Safe and suitable method of delivery for long-distance transportations. We are offering different types of railroad freight, according to your needs and the needs of the business. We provide railroad transportation across the entire territory
Air Freight
Air Cargo is the type of transportation that has proven its trustworthiness. Air cargo is typically used when fast and safe transportations are required. A wide range of countries and airports offered will allow you to take your business to the next level. The "AG Transport Logistics" Company will provide transportation of any goods to the destination chosen by you at a fair price.
The container transporting
AG - Transport logistics is a unique service with which you can order a container transportation service in a few clicks practically throughout the entire Eurasian continent. Thousands of organizations use our services every day!
Transportation by minibuses
Not all transportations require a large trailer, which is why we present you with a service for the transport market. Main advantages: Goes almost everywhere - if the road allows There are no restrictions on transportation on holidays and weekends. Fast - 1000 km in 8 hours Real Time Tracking (GPS Tracking)
From parcel to FTL.
Express delivery.
Customized logistics solutions.
Supply chain solutions.
Transportation of liquid and bulk cargo
  1. One specialization of AG - Transport logistics is the transportation of liquid products such as syrups, vegetable oils, dairy products, chocolate, etc.
  2. The second option - transportation of liquid chemical / bulk cargo ADR is one of the areas of specialization of AG - Transport logistics.
  3. Another type of service provided by AG - Transport logistics is the transportation of bulk bulk cargo in a special silo tank. We transport bulk goods in silo tanks throughout the European Union.
Waste and oversized transport
  1. Optimal transportation advice
  2. Special delivery routes
  3. Preparation of special conditions
  4. Route planning
  5. Preparation of permits
  6. Organization of escort
  7. Organization of loading, unloading or reloading of cargo
  8. Insurance and other service
Which types of products are not taken for transportation?
Any freight company does not get involved in the transportation of goods that are prohibited by law. Therefore, we are not able to offer transportation of weapons, alcohol, any types of illegal drugs, poisons, radioactive and flammable substances.

A full list of products that cannot be estimated price transportation:

  1. Weapons of all types: firearms, gas, pneumatic, mechanical, etc.
  2. Explosives, explosive liquids, and all types of pyrotechnical products.
  3. Both, compressed and liquid gasses.
  4. Flammable and combustible liquids
  5. Flammable and combustible solids.
  6. Poisonous/toxic substances
  7. Corrosive substances
  8. Plants and animals
  9. Human organs
  10. All types of illegal drugs and psychotropic substances
  11. Alcohol in the form of ethyl, other alcohol types
  12. Tobacco products
  13. Radioactive elements, as well their compounds and products extracted from them.
  14. Devices that require radioactive substances to function.
  15. Waste containing radioactive elements, flammable, explosive, poisonous, toxic, and corrosive substances, as well as rare earth and precious metals, and precious stones)
  16. Cargoes containing products/ items requiring special storage and/ or transportation conditions.
  17. Precious and rare earth metals and any derivatives from them.
  18. Precious stones and any derivatives from them
  19. Banknotes and any equivalents.
  20. Natural fur and products produced from animal fur.
  21. Mobile phones of any type
  22. Solariums and windows without proper packaging, glass, and mirrors without wooden packaging. For example, stained-glass windows, auto glass, glass doors, etc.
  23. Communication and control systems of military importance; regulatory and technical documentation for the production and operation of these systems.
  24. Any types of strategic materials.
  25. The design project and research results, including those of creation of weapons and military techniques.
  26. Encryption technology, as well as any manuals and technical documentation for its production and use. Special technical means that are meant to be used in secret receipt of information.
What details do you need in order to place your order?
Before your products are taken for transportation, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The name of the person paying for the transportation, the sender, and the recipient. In addition to this, their addresses and phone numbers should be provided.
  • Information about products that are being transported (special conditions, environment, etc)
  • The estimated weight of the products, amount, and approximate size.
  • Estimates price of the products
  • Estimated date of when the products will be delivered to our company's warehouse or the estimated date when the goods should be picked up from a sender.

How can you pay for the freight?
After the products are delivered, the payment can be made by:

  • The sender of the products
  • The recipient of the products
The payment can be made in the way most suitable for the clients: hе payment with cash, а payment in cash
what documents do we provide our client with, when products are being taken by our employees?
The sender receives a consignment note and a forwarding receipt with the company's seal indicating the sender, recipient, payer, as well the information about the nature of the cargo: name, number of pieces, weight, volume.

With a non-cash form of payment, the accounting department of the transport company will issue an invoice and an act of completion.

In the case of cash payment, the above documents will also be additionally issued with a cashier's check.

Our services are flexible.
Our main goal is to meet all the requirements from the side of the sender. We are always ready to reconsider already existing rules and take an individual approach to your delivery.
Team Work
Only together we are able to meet the expectations of our clients. Therefore, to provide the best services possible, team work is guaranteed at every step of the work.
Constant Development
We continuously control all the processes related to the freight and increase the quality of our services. We are developing every day of our work.
Consistency of Quality
We are consistent with the control of every step of all of our services.
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